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A Gift Idea…

A gift idea …
You can now order signed copies of any of my three books and I will send them to anyplace in the USA. I will dedicate them to whomever and however you wish.
The three paperbacks will be $15 @. The limited edition ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI hardback is $20. Only 550 copies of that book were printed, and there will be no more hard backs. Shipping USPS is included in those prices.
You may pay me on PAYPAL with my email of Be sure to include a mailing address, the name of the person to dedicate it to, and what, if anything, you would like me to say.
And for those of you who have already read any of my three books, could you review them on Amazon? Speak your truth.
Thank you.

New book out! ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Don’t miss it! You will gut laugh thru some of it. You can order it in the upper right of this page. I guarantee you will like it.

All Over the Place

Stories from five continents, over 60 years. With joy and wonder, innocence and horror, gut laughs and adventure.

A journey of Rastafarian robbers, diving for sharks, stranded in an Andes blizzard, driving a steam engine across Paraguay, taking yage in the Amazon, an execution in a Mexican prison, hippie doomsday cults, battling drunks atop Kilimanjaro, a cobra attack, sinking a whaling ship. It is all here.

Come along and read about another way to live.

The Wild Years

Dwight Worker The Wild Years A series of autobiographical stories about Dwight Worker’s life, running from the law…before Lecumberri. THE WILD YEARS is available in paperback and ebook.

Escape from Lecumberri

Dwight Worker Escape from Lecumberri Only two people ever escaped from the infamous Lecumberri Prison in Mexico City: Pancho Villa and Dwight Worker. This is the true story of Dwight Worker’s amazing escape. ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI is available in paperback or Kindle.

About the Author

Dwight Worker is an American professor, activist, adventurer, and fugitive. He escaped from the Mexican penitentiary Palacio de Lecumberri in 1975 along with the book and movie Escape about the story

Throughout his life he participated in civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements. In 1991, Dwight volunteered to serve in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Worker is a former professor at Indiana University, where he created the Information Security program for the Kelley School of Business before retiring in 2008 to farm, write, and travel.….READ MORE