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  1. Michael Hendrix

    Dwight, I am enjoying again every word you have written. Our time together recently was all too short

  2. nick castello

    Dwight, you are the man. I just saw you on Locked Up Abroad, and that’s just awesome. Great work and well done. I haven’t done much research on you yet, not sure if you have a movie out. But if you don’t. You should really have one and not only ending after you escape but go in deeper to your Professor days and of course against Whaling. I mean your whole life is just extraordinary. What are you doing now in 2012?

    • dwight

      Hello Nick
      I just sent you an email. Well, we have a farm and I recently retired from teaching. (I do miss teaching in a way). Today I am buying round-trip tickets to Hong Kong so I can bicycle in south China for 3 months. But basically, what I do is work on the farm, write, travel, and take long bicycle trips.
      Please check your email and tell me what you are doing now.
      best, Dwight

  3. Jared Schlanser

    Hello Professor Worker!
    This is Jared, from IU, former captioner, current consolidated communications worker in Taylorville, IL. Just wanted to check in on what I like to call “The Indiana Jones of Internet Security”. Hope you are well down on the farm, have a good time in China, be careful and sorry I haven’t checked in for so long. If you end up cycling through IL again you’ll always have a place to stay. PS…I’ve got 15 truckloads of wood ready for the outside burner….Jealous??? The wife and I are also having another baby, due in January…Clive (who was born during my days at IU) is now 4 and was Batman for Halloween. Take care! Write by email or blog when you have time….

  4. Jennifer Newman

    I agree with Nick, Dwight! I was completely blown away by your harrowing story of capture and escape. Just saw it on Nat Geo, Locked Up Abroad, and it has all the elements of an Oscar winning movie. I was totally riveted and was left wanting more. After reading your blog, I see many parts of you that can be developed into character, like Nick said. I should hope you now believe in God because He never left you. You are a lucky and blessed man. I hope you continue blogging and making more movies. You are an inspiration, truly!!

    • dwight

      Thank you, Jennifer. Yes, I consider myself a very lucky man. There were so many ways I could have died or been killed. Every day is a gift to me. I am quite the optimist, personally. Have you read ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI? It will fill you in with a 100 other details. Do check it out on Amazon. There was only so much that LUA could do in 48 minutes.
      Also, I will have a book of short stories coming out next summer. I have them written already. But I will be traveling this winter and do not want to spend this time with a publisher. Most of these stories are true. And the rest are as best as I can recall thru the fog of time and altered memories.
      best, Dwight

  5. Richard

    Dear Dwight Worker,
    yesterday i saw your story on National Geographic Chanel.Your story is very similar to my story but ending is different you were lucky more than me. you got chance to escape but we are still in prison .Prisoned not in any prisoner cell or jail but in a city (Karachi,Pakistan) where 200 murders take place every week.where you cannot earn for your family due to your cast and religion,where you cannot get education of your choice because of political issues ,Where you cannot move according to your wish,where you die every second of your life.Sir Do some thing for them also so that they can escape from this torturing prison like Barbara did when u were in prison .Raise your voice for OUR rights too.

    • dwight

      Hello Richard
      Could you tell me more? Are you a Christian, or Hindu? Unfortunately, I have read articles predicting that Pakistan will be a failed state for environmental reasons also. Population pressures, declining productivity, and extreme climate events; floods, and then heat.

      Can you be more specific?

  6. Harry

    Dwight, I have just finished ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI. It was captivating!

    I found it so fascinating and engaging!
    You and Barbara engineered an extraordinary plan and it payed off, I hope you are fit, healthy and enjoying life now!

    • dwight

      Harry, we are in good health and optimistic about life. Until the Locked Up Abroad series, we had not done but one interview about it for 30 years. For us, it was the past. But NatGeo convinced us. With the distance of time, I find it amazing taht this actually happened, and how lucky I am to be alive.


  7. phil

    I loved your story and I thought you two would be together forever…what makes it happen that you have become seperated. I’m 30 and never had a girlfriend seriously and this scares me more than anything

    • dwight

      Phil, I thought we were together forever too. I never wanted her to leave, but she did. I could not stop her. It broke my heart, to say the least. She had a terrible personal problem (too private to ever mention) that she could not reveal. When she left, she left everything; home, farm, children. I could not believe it. She felt that what she wanted at age 33 was not what she wanted at age 21. Eventually she settled in Europe.
      I am on excellent terms with her. I owe her one for life and I will always, in whatever way, be loyal to her and help her as I can. She is fine person. But sometimes in love, you cannot control what the other person does. Nevertheless, to quote Tennyson, ‘This better to have loved and lost than n’er to have love at all’. I guess what I am saying is that love is worth the risk.

  8. phil

    thanks so much for your reply…I am glad you are still on very good terms…That is the way it should be.
    I’ve had very good friendships with a girl who i had two holidays with and we are still friends now, i could have easily had a relationship with her if she wanted too, but it’s still nice that we had the closeness and luckily as it was always only just friends, there was little hurt in it.
    I’m guessing all we need in life is friends, a good friendship is just as strong. That’s what i feel and think about everyday. I’m talking to someone new that I’ve not met yet and she even said that when we meet don’t worry about your fears of us not getting into a relationship we will always be friends.
    I’m just glad you are still very close with her still…I was hooked on that story that i watched today.

  9. steve gomez

    Dwight, I lived in the mountains of northern New Mexico mid 70’s thru the 80’s. There was a story about a guy who had previously been in the area that has to have been you. Where you that person in La Sierra near Taos ? Just curious., it always seemed like an amazing tale and now to stumble on to this blog. Regardless, your an inspiration.

    • dwight

      Yes Steve. That is me. I have always thought of NM as my 2nd home. But for family reasons, I returned to Indiana. I still have friends around the Taos area, but they are passing away and moving on. I last visited in 2010. I do hope to visit again. Living in Northern New Mexico touched my heart.

  10. Kim

    Dear Dwight,

    as all the others here, i just saw the Locked up Abroad here in germany and just couldn´t believe, what you had to go through. Even if it was a big mistake of you, to do in drugs, no human beeing deserves a time like this. At least, the most human beeings. I will buy the book to read more about you. My heart was shakeing while i watched the film and if it has one message than this one: Only Love can blast all chains away and can move mountains. I feel sorry for you, that it didn´t work out between you and barbara and that you had to let her go at some point. Maybe it was just a god send angel, to survive, to be loved to be humanized when all humanity was gone around you. By biggest respect and all blessings to you and barabara. Kim

    • dwight

      Thank you so much Kim for your kind words.

      Yes, I am forever thankful for Barbara’s gift. I am an optimist and I consider each day alive to be a gift.

      It broke my heart when Barbara left. But in the end, I could not stop her. I am on good terms with her and forever loyal to her. If and when she has ever needed anything from me, I am there for her. After all, she gave me my life back. I will never forget thatq. She is a fine person.

      I hope you enjoy the book. It is a true story.


      Dwight Worker

      (right now bicycling along the Thai / Myanmar border. Life is very good for me. I am hoping that it is for you too.

  11. Michael Stanic

    Read your book and then read the blogs. Have you stayed in touch with the other americans you were in prison with ? Did they eventually get released ?

    Good luck, Mike from Ohio

    • dwight

      Initially I stayed in contact with a few Americans. I especially did with the Peruvian man who helped with my escape. I paid his ‘fianca’ to help him leave earlier.
      Eventually, the US Congress voted a prisoner exchange treaty. I testified in favor of it before the US Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. Most of them returned to finish their sentences in the US.
      But for the most part, I avoided contact with the former prisoners. I was married, with a family and working all the time. And many of the former US prisoners, unfortunately, returned as drug addicts and recidivists. These were exactly the kind of people I wanted to avoid. Many returned as broken people. Quite sad to see.

      I have been quite straight since, without any arrests. Speeding tickets have been my most serious crime.

      But recently, ‘Hank’ has contacted me. We have had a few hysterically funny conversations over the phone, and I would like to see him again. Hank, in his own tough way, managed to survive and carry himself with dignity in that prison. This was not easy to do.

      I have worked jobs for 5+ years with no one knowing about my past. I was happy to leave it like that. After all, it is not a calling card. But now, damn google outs me every time. So be it. There is little privacy or secrecy in our on-line world now.

  12. Michael Stanic

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is sad that the experience in Lecumberri did not break some of their drug habit. Luckily you found a different perspective after your experience and it will benefit your children’s lives because of your miss fortune. If you ever find yourself biking in Ohio let me know you have a place to stay. Mike

  13. Michael Stanic

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is sad that the experience in Lecumberri did not break some of their drug habit. Luckily you found a different perspective after your experience and it will benefit your children’s lives because of your miss fortune. If you ever find yourself biking in Ohio let me know you have a place to stay. Mike
    Sorry if I posted this twice!

  14. dom

    What an amazing story, it blew my mind. You have lived one hell of a life dwight. Im sorry to hear things didnt work out with Barbara but thats life I guess. So many ups and downs, just gotta ride that rollercoster.

    I really believe your story should be remade into high budget hollywood flick. If made by the right director itll be knocking at the oscars door. I could see James Franco or Ryan Gosling playing you!

    Good luck in all your travels and be happy to know your story has not only amazed and touched many but its also taught many a valuable lesson in life.

  15. Cathy McLain Webster

    Dear Dwight, I was at Lecumberri 2 weeks after your escape visiting my brother Brian. American visitors had to undergo much stricter searches and your dress code for us had changed so we couldn’t possibly repeat your actions. It was so uplifting to experience their EXTREME caution. You really just disappeared before their very eyes. No American could be allowed to escape,, my brother told me. You had so many of us pulling for you to havea great life and hoping you could tell the world about that place. People would have to have gone there and seen it for themselves to understand it . The hunger strike was amazing because I actually heard it broadcast on a fm station in Houston. I was elated, finally people could know, besides our trying to tell them. Thank you, Dwight, for giving is something wonderful to celebrate at a time where out would have otherwise been such a sad time for me. I’ve always wanted to tell you that and because of this ole internet, I can. I hope memories of Brian are not bad ones, he told me about you with complete respect. Very Sincerely, Cathy

    • dwight

      Cathy. Thank you for the kind note. I have great memories of your brother. He told the truth that no one wanted to hear, and he was so outrageously funny about it. Brian and I are now talking regularly. We plan to get together at my farm this summer. He is still outrageous and over the top. thank god.
      wishing you well,


    • dwight

      ps. Cathy, I testified before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the US Foreign Relations Committee in favor of the prisoner exchange treaty. But Brian was smart not to come back on it.

      Let’s talk sometime. 812 345-0650

  16. remco

    Dear Dwight,

    Every episode of locked up Abroad makes my heartrate increase, but when i watched the episode about you I couldn’t just turn off the TV and mind my thing. I had to google you, and I found you. Just wana say HI and wish you the best.

    Greetings from Holland – europe,



    • dwight

      Thank you Remco.

      I am alive and well and in good health. I am also very thankful to be free and alive. I have lived a ‘straight’ life since Mexico and have not been in any sort of trouble. If you want to read more about the details, I think you might enjoy the book ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI.


      Dwight Worker

  17. Cathy McLain Webster

    Dwight, I was so happy to know you and Brian are talking. That’s really good. I didn’t know you had testified before anyone, but I did notice how quickly the exchange became a reality after you escaped. It was when I saw the movie ” Escape” when it first aired. That’s when I knew you had been telling every one about Lecumberri. I’m gonna get your book because as much as I thought I knew, I realize how much I never know. Looking forward to talking sometime soon

  18. Rocco Colangelo

    Hello Dwight, I just saw locked up abroad and wow I was moved by your story. I was also moved by how the show portrayed your wife. 🙂 I felt a great peace come over me for I am lost in disbelief when it comes to love. Never the less I am smiling just knowing that it does in fact exist. I consider you and your story inspirational and am grateful for the smile you have created. Best of luck

    • dwight

      Well, I am glad that you liked LUA’s presentation of it. It did happen like that, and I am very lucky to be alive and well today. thank you.

  19. Rocco Colangelo

    P.s Keep us posted on your new adventures 🙂

  20. Hi Dwight! I saw the episode of Locked Up Abroad this weekend with you in it and only heard about your story through one of your former students at Indiana University.

    I forgot his name but I am a community driver for Lyft here in San Francisco and we had some small talk while I was driving him to his destination and he was talking about you.

    It was the most intense 45 minutes I have ever watched since I felt like I had some connection to you before watching it. I’m so glad you are safe in this country and that you were able to pull of something that brazen. It would be an honor to meet you if you ever find yourself in the Bay Area. You are my hero!

    • dwight

      Hello David

      Yes, I am lucky to be alive. I have kept my nose literally clean since then. I am thankful for each day as a gift. I am thinking of what former students of mine now live in SF. Todd, Ryan, Renee? I am sure there are others.

      You may want to read the book ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI. It has much more detail. \

      I have another book coming out in 2 months. It is called THE WILD YEARS. More true stories.

      I am wishing you well.



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