I had studied Latin and Greek History is high school. One of my favorite teachers was Alpha Braunsworth. She knew her classes inside out. She brought Greek mythology to life for me. Between the lines, I could read about their gods living, lusting, and passionate. So different from the sterile Christianity presented to me daily in my life. I swore that I would visit the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, the Oracle of Delphi. And here it was, 50 (FIFTY!) years later, and I had not visited. Speaking of a bucket list.

The temple of Hesperia in Athens. 2400 years old, and in fine condition.

The temple of Hesperia. 2400 years old, and in fine condition.


On the Acropolis, on Valentine’s Day, we were met by these dear young Greek women who were giving chocolates out to all couples they met, including Susan and I. How sweet.


The Temple of Zeus, in south Athens. Still standing, balanced, after being finished by Hadrian, 1900 years ago.


Susan gets the Gold Medal! This is the original Olympic Stadium, 2700 years old. Wow.





The Greeks were NOT shy about the human body. Here a 2700 year old old guy watches the Olympics with nostalgia, and broken plumbing.


And here, a young guy prepares for the Olympics. But based on the physical evidence, just what event might it be?

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