Dwight WorkerDwight Worker is an American professor, activist, adventurer, and still a fugitive. He escaped from the Mexican penitentiary Palacio de Lecumberri in 1975. Afterward, he wrote the book  ESCAPE FROM LECUMBERRI. The movie Escape was adapted from this book. His next book, THE WILD YEARS, was released in 2013.

Throughout his life he participated in civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements. In 1991, Dwight volunteered to serve in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society where he worked against illegal drift netting and whaling.

Worker is a former professor at Indiana University, where he created the Information Security program for the Kelley School of Business before retiring to farm, write, and travel.

Early Life

Worker was born in East Chicago, Indiana. He grew up in a blue-collar family. As a kid, he worked on a golf course regularly caddying for Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, and for members of the original Harlem globetrotters Basketball team.


From 1964 through January, 1968, Worker attended Indiana University, in Bloomington, IN where he earned a BA in Psychology and Anthropology. Worker returned to Indiana University to complete his MBA in Management of Information Systems in 1985.

Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements

After Dwight’s brother Wayne was paralyzed while in the Navy during the Vietnam War in 1964, Worker became active in civil rights, voter registration, and anti-war resistance. Worker was active in the civil rights movement in the sixties doing voter registration, community organizing, and tutoring.


1970 – 1973

Dwight Woker Machu PichuOn January 1st, 1970, Worker left for the Caribbean and South America. He trekked the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia, climbing mountains, living in the Machu Pichu ruins, canoeing down the Urubamba River, and visiting the wild Yungas wilderness. He first chewed coca leaves in the Andes and but it was just before returning to the U.S. that he first tried cocaine. When he returned to the US, he started using cocaine regularly. His cocaine habit eventually led to his inability to focus on his graduate school classes, causing him to drop out of school.

Lecumberri Prison and Escape

On December 7th, 1973, customs officials at the Benito Juarez Airport arrested Worker for trying to smuggle 780 grams of cocaine. At the airport Worker signed a confession after torture by airport guards.

They sent Worker to ‘El Palacio Negro’ the Black Palace of Lecumberri. It was a medieval-looking prison, built to hold 800 prisoners, but currently holding 4000. There were a rough average of about 200 murders committed there each year.

In Worker’s 2 years in Lecumberri Prison, he was hospitalized 3 times from beatings, stabbed 4 times, led a hunger strike for 17 days, and spent 41 days in solitary confinement.

In the summer of 1975, Barbara Chilcoate visited Dwight Worker while he was in prison. She then moved to Mexico to be with him. On December 17th, 1975, Dwight Worker and Barbara Chilcoate were married in prison. Two hours later, Dwight Worker became the second and last man to ever escape from Lecumberri Prison, second only to Pancho Villa.

1975 to Present

Dwight and Barbara lived in the U.S., where Barbara got a degree in microbiology while Dwight got an MBA in Management of Information Systems. They have two children.

Dwight worked first as a computer programmer and later as a contract software design engineer. Between contracts, he traveled as much as possible; to East Africa, India, Bangladesh, Central and South America, and other countries.

Dwight Worker Sea ShepherdIn 1991, Dwight volunteered to serve in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He spent 9 months with them over the course of 3 years. Some of it was reconnaissance. Some of it was on boats out at sea searching for, harassing, and ramming pirate drift-netters and pirate whaling ships.


Worker taught at the Indiana University Kelly School of Business for ten years. During that time, he developed the Information Security Program at the School of Business. His classes were filled with laboratories and hands-on demonstrations that included system compromise, intrusion detection, and network protection. Dwight guided hundreds of students into the information security industry, where many today are advancing to high levels of management. He brought Linux and open source software development to the school.

Worker received numerous rewards from Indiana University for teaching, and high ratings from the students.

In the last fifteen years, Worker has taken numerous long-distance bicycle trips. These journeys have included Cuba, England and Ireland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, and much of the U.S.A.

He grows his own food, makes his bio-diesel for his equipment, and heats his home with firewood that he cuts himself from fallen trees.

The revised edition of Escape from Lecumberri is available now on at Amazon.com. In paperback or Kindle.