#22 Taxi dancers, and ‘Can you find Jonsh for me?’ The tragic tale of Mademoiselle Dragonfly

8 Responses to #22 Taxi dancers, and ‘Can you find Jonsh for me?’ The tragic tale of Mademoiselle Dragonfly

  1. wow!what a trip.the whole third world reeks of corruption.similar to chicago me thinks.your lucky you didnt wind up in some sex slave prision.how bout that thought.if you have been getting replies from people you dont know its me using aliases as i dont trust the gook underground.please stay out of dark places as the devil wants to eat you.take care my brother

  2. Hahahah, I like how you made up two imaginary people (Danno and William) to tell your story rather than one. If you’d have just said “this guy I knew got robbed by some hookers” everyone would know it was you, but by making it two guys, way more realistic.

    Lol, the hottest girls are asian boys. Have fun Dwight!

  3. Actually I was the TV! But William and Danno just didn’t recognize my disguise.

  4. Dwight – was the helicopter in your photo the one knocked off the american embassy roof in the final days of the war? Those escapes and the film of helicopters being pushed off the aircraft carriers will always be in my head… so when do you get back?
    Following you on this blog has been a terrific ride – so thanks again. L

  5. What an amazing experience….continue to stay safe….bubbles

  6. howdy dwight!! – wish i was there with you; well, some of the theres anyway- i dont like big cities – one of these days we’ll have to do a se asian jungle trip – fewer amenities, but the bright side: my (limited) experience with jungles is that there are far fewer trannies to deal with – be careful, dont get complacent – hope to see you soon – kbama

  7. Dwight,
    I’m really enjoying your blog. Too bad about the corruption. Zhiyan and I had one really bad episode in Saigon, but I told you how she handled it. What a woman! Nothing like righteous indignation and a sympathetic crowd 😮

  8. I somehow missed this one. Great story…and since you weren’t the one who was robbed you could just observe the insanity of it all with a lot more humor.

    I’m really surprised that they got anything back at all. It makes me think there was someway that they could get into some kind of trouble.

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